1st Annual “Give Back” Workshop

Along our journey there have been so many people that have come along side our family who have blessed us in so many ways. We have been amazed by the goodness of people; people that we don’t even know. And continued prayers not only for Carolina’s healing but for our family as a whole. “Give Back” … [Read more…]

Wolfson Children’s Challenge

                    Wolfson Children’s Hospital based in Jacksonville, Florida, has never turned a child away based on the parent or guardians ability to pay. Each year, Wolfson hosts the Wolfson Children’s Challenge which is a 55k where individuals or relay teams participate to help raise needed funds for the hospital. They also invite 55 past patients to represent the multiple … [Read more…]

Love Your Melon

Check out Love Your Melon! This company, founded in an entrepreneurship class at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, has made a commit to provide a hat to every child battling cancer. Read more about their story here.

Band-aids for BooBoo’s

Recently, Kris and I were back in the oncology clinic at Nemours Children’s Specialty Care with Carolina for a follow-up appointment. We spent some time talking and catching up with Ms. Joli, the child life specialist, who has been serving kids there for more than a decade. We began sharing about how we had officially launched … [Read more…]


Cancer Scars This morning, as Tabitha was helping Carolina with her hair, Tabitha was trying to put it in a ponytail and at the same time cover Carolina’s scar. The scar that started us on this journey. The scar that has changed our lives forever. Carolina asked Tabitha why she kept messing with her hair … [Read more…]

Why The Believe Foundation was Started

The Beginning When our journey started February 23, 2014, it was all about Carolina. It was all about survival. The support our family received was unbelievable. If you haven’t read Carolina’s story, you can read about it here. Team Carolina was quickly formed and we never felt alone. As I sat in Carolina’s hospital room those … [Read more…]